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Agent Websites


The content of this page has changed. We are now past the “prep” stage, as our new fabulous KW Websites are now live! If you choose to continue to use Placester and pay for their site, you need to contact them. There is information below on how to accomplish the preliminary setup in Command for your KW Command site to go live.


We have already had many prep classes on the calendar, if you missed those, there is information below to help you get started.

Going forward, website classes will not be “prep” but instead, basic and advanced classes.

As always, see our calendar for dates/times and to RSVP for classes.

Set Up Your KW Agent Site

**Please note that many of the bugs we saw in our prep classes have been fixed. If you set up your website when they first rolled out, please go through the steps in the below video to make sure you have the most updated information.


Your Domain

Also, if you see a domain in step one of the Kelle Guide, that domain is already yours, you do not need to “claim it”. You only need to claim it if you are changing it. See more details in the domain section below.

Below is an awesome video from Jay Cermak that walks you through each step of the setup.

If you complete this setup and do not see your website live or your branding on your site, see the Trouble-Shooting steps below.

Helpful Links when completing your website information:

**Recent Updates

You no longer need to use a 360 x 360 image for the KW DMN Market Center Logo, just use a standard rectangular png image like this one.


Video – Step by Step Instructions


Editing Your Site

Now that you are seeing your website, if you need to make changes, there are two ways to do this.

1. Go back to the Kelle Setup Guide at any time

In Command, select the sites app, go to Agent Site Pages then select on the Kelle Guide.

2. Select on each page to make your change(s)

In Command, select the Sites app, go to Agent Site Pages, then select on the right menu options (3 dots), select edit on the page you want to change.

3. To add additional pages, come to the advanced website classes or find instructions here.


**When deciding on a domain to use, whether it is the KW Domain you are choosing or one you  are purchasing, be sure it meets the necessary compliance requirements.

KW Domain

This is actually a “sub-domain” given to you by KW.

The domain you are given by KW to use for your site is one you select(ed) on your prep in Step #1 of  the Kelle Guide.

In this step #1, if you see a pre-populated domain and you like the option, you do not need to select “claim” it is already yours. If you change it, or it does not show you a pre-populated one, you simply add one,  then you need to “claim” it. Remember what domain you are accepting or selecting in this step for future use.

Purchased Domain Forwarding

You can purchase your own domain from a domain provider, which is recommended for branding purposes, and forward it to your KW given domain listed in the previous paragraph. Make sure your domain is forwarded to the domain above without using a “www”. For example, forward your purchased domain to “” if that is your KW confirmed domain.

GoDaddy Domain Forwarding

There are many companies where you can purchase a domain, but many choose GoDaddy.


Prior to starting, be sure you know the confirmed domain that you chose when setting up your Command Website.

Log in to your GoDaddy account then:

1. Select your account name on the top right of the page.

2. Select “My Products”

3. If you have more than one domain, find the one you want to use on the left side of the page.

4. Select DNS

You will see the “Records” section at the top, then “Nameservers” followed by “Advanced Features” and “Forwarding”.

Scroll down to the Forwarding section. If you already have this domain forwarded somewhere else, you will want to delete that “forward” setting and refresh your page so you can add a new forward per the below instructions.

5. To the right of Domain, select “Add”

6. Select the arrow by forwarded to choose “https://”

7. Type in the domain that you confirmed when setting up your Command website. Do not use “www”. Example of this is You can select the link “preview” to be sure you have typed in the domain correctly.

8. Confirm Forwarding Type “Permanent” is selected

9. Confirm Settings “Forward Only” is selected.

10. Save

Now scroll to the top of the page to the “Records” section.

11. Select “Add”

12. Select the small down arrow and then choose “CNAME” from the options.

13. In the “Host” field type in www

14. In  the “Points To” field type in @

15. TTL should by default say 1 Hour

16. Select “Save”

Final Step:

If you have not had this domain forwarded or linked to your previous Placester website, you are done with the forwarding process. Many times, it will forward immediately however at times you may need to wait a period of time before you will see it forward properly. Test it out by typing in your domain with and without the preceding “www” and it should work either way.

If you have had this domain previously forwarded to the older Placester websites you need to do one more step.

In the Records section where you just added the new CNAME record, look for a previously added CNAME record that is set to “” and select the pencil icon to edit this record. Once you select to edit it, you will see a trash can icon that you need to select in order to delete this record.  Once this is done, it may take a bit longer for the forward you setup to work properly. Give it 24 hours and it should be working by then.


Trouble-Shooting Steps

No branding on your website

You see your live site, but you are not seeing your branding:

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to Command at
  • Select the dropdown arrow by your name on the top right of the page
  • Select Settings
  • On left menu select Connect Settings
  • Select Marketing Profile
  • Toward the top right of the page, you will see a slider button that needs to be set to “on”
  • You will see a pop-up with a Compliance Reminder that you need to read, then select “Acknowledge and Continue”

Domain Issues

Your purchased domain is no longer connecting to your website:

1. Verify in step #1 of the Kelle Guide what your KW subdomain is.

2. If you do not understand domain DNS settings, call your domain provider support number and have them assist you in forwarding your purchased domain to your KW subdomain you have just verified.

3, If you are confident in changing your domain DNS settings and forwarding your domain, then this is the time to make the changes. In addition to simply forwarding, you may need to do the following:

In the DNS Settings: Remove the CNAME that is currently set to “”

You may also need to remove the A-Record that is set to: however I did not find this necessary.

If you have any doubt of how to adjust these settings for your domain,please do not do so on your own, call your domain provider.

Known Issues

1. The About Us page is not yet mobile friendly.

2. After going through the setup and looking at the trouble-shooting steps and you are seeing something in addition to these items, email Tammy so it can be reported on our regional call to be sent to KWRI.