Branding Kit Setup
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Branding Kit Setup

Create Your Designs Brand Kit

Prior to this video, you can be prepared by having on your computer these items.

You may not have all of the below items right now, but you can still move forward and add the others when you have them.

  • KWDMN Logo
  • Your Logo, if you have one
  • Realtor, Equal Housing, and additional logos that you may have such as Luxury, Commercial, Keller Mortgage, etc. (Logo images)
  • The Registration/Trademark image can be downloaded from here.
  • Your professional headshot image(s)
  • Team images, if applicable
  • Background images you use
  • Font(s)
  • Colors you use for branding (KW Colors)
  • Icons you may be using

If you need to create a 360 x 360 image that may be needed for some purposes, this video shows you how. For other sizes that are needed, the same principle can be used. This is just one example of how to accomplish this.


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