This is your new agent resource website! It is at its beginning stages of how it can help you have answers at your fingertips  to help you build your business.

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Command is your Keller Williams end-to-end real estate platform that includes Applets, and a MarketPlace to provide the models and systems you need to build your business.

Command is being build by KW in a process called LABS and designed by you, KW agents.

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Please go to the calendar and verify dates and times for classes.

What is your learning style?

Classroom? Online video? Documentation?

We have something for each of you.


Within each Applet there may be several functions. The documentation for each function of the Applet will be located in a sub-menu. Below is an overview of the Applets and each function within it.

In addition to these Applets, there are additional options such as Settings, MarketPlace, Notifications, Help, etc. that will be addressed as well.


Contacts – manage your leads & database

Tasks – for contacts and opportunities

SmartPlans – automating background tasks, reminders, emails, texts, etc.

Referrals – grown and mangage

Opportunities – (transactions) track your pipeline from nuture to close, including compliance

Campaigns – dashboard, paid campaigns (social media, etc.), emails, direct mail, social posts

Reports – dashboard, reports and comparisons

Designs – point & click to build beautiful graphics for emails, landing pages, social, print, agent sits, and video

Listings – Keller Williams Listing Services (KWLS) 2.0

Insights – create and use these insights to become the local expert

Consumer – landing pages, agent sites, guides, app

Listing Consult (not yet availbable)


See the below for a visual overview.


Video(s) will be added soon.


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