Part 1

Action Items

Part 1

Action Item Details

Current Profiles, CGI, Kelle App Settings

Action Items: (the links are to a document you can copy into your Google Drive or  download)

Use these documents as guides by selecting the links or watching the video below.

1. Verify White Pages profile in mykw site
2. Verify KW Connect profile
3. Set or verify your CGI goals whether you are an individual agent or a team. In addition to the methods listed on these links, you can simply tell Kelle “Set my CGI Goals > Update/Add Goals.

4. Kelle App Settings (download updates, notifications and permissions) for iPhone or Android

These items are covered in this 15 minute video:
Command Getting Started Part 1 Video
Intro & White Pages 0:00 to 5:05
KWConnect profile 5:05 to 12:20
Career Growth Initiative (CGI) 12:20 to 13:45
Kelle App (download, updates, permissions & notifications) 13:45 to 15:13


Command Marketing Profile

Log in to Command at

Select your name at the top right of the dashboard

Select Settings

Either select “Marketing Profile” on the left menu and follow the instructions or select the top right button “Marketing Profile Kelle Guide” and let it walk you through the setup process.

The images used in the marketing profile need to be 360 x 360 and there is a KWDMN logo already sized for you in the Market Center > Documents > Logos and Style Guides > KWDMN Logos > Commonly Used Logos and you will see the 360 x 360 logo image with a transparent background. If you need assistance to create a headshot image as a 360 x 360 square, this quick video will give you detailed instructions to accomplish this using a free account in

The video in this section walks you through each step of the marketing profile.

One more step is to still while in your Command > Settings select on Neighborhood Snap, then on Landing Page. At the very top of this page, select the color fo the banner image you would like to see on your Neighborhood Landing Page.