This is your new agent resource website! It is at its beginning stages of how it can help you have answers at your fingertips  to help you build your business.

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This is your resource page for teams. Many of the team functions are still being fine-tuned and will be integrated into the website resources pages in the future. However, as team functionality is just beginning to roll out, we want to provide this page to give you the latest updates. 


Please go to the calendar and verify dates and times for classes.

Currently, there are no team-specific Command classes on the calendar. We are working at getting the most updated information to you as things become more functional for teams in Command.


Note that not all team settings and functions are currently working, even ones in the below videos. KW LABS is working hard at improving and adding team functions and expects many to be working by the end of 2019 and even more by Family Reunion.

In addition, some of you are not seeing all of your team members in your settings and some of your team members are not seeing the team dropdown at the top of their Command Dashboard. This is a known problem, however I still recommend you submit this problem to KW Support by selecting on the Question Mark at the top of your Command Page and Select Chat with Support to notify them of what you and your team members are missing, if anything.



KWDMN Team Workshop with Jay Cermak recorded on 4/2/20

This is a comprehensive class on Command for Teams. This covers settings, sharing, assigning contacts and much more information, including a q & a session. This recorded class is valuable for team rainmakers as well as team members.

Teams – Live Stream Recorded on 1/28/20

Team Settings

Team – Adding an Admin

Teams – How to Share a Contact

Teams – How to Assign an Opportunity

Team Reports

Agent Website – How to Add A Team Page

Team Chat in Opportunities

Agent Website – How to Add A Team Page

Command Assistance


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