Consumer App

This is your new agent resource website! It is at its beginning stages of how it can help you have answers at your fingertips  to help you build your business.

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Consumer App


The new consumer app that is built on the Keller Cloud is now available!


See the market center calendar for details on classes.



Consumer App Setup

Log in to Command

Consumer Applet

Top Menu – Site and App Settings

Learn More with the Kelle Guides (link)

Consumer Settings > Continue > Consent to leave page

Takes you to Kelle Guides: Consumer Settings > Get Started

See the page Harnessing the power of KW App is as easy as 1-2-3.  (Use to learn more later)

Click Next

App Download – Click arrow or Get Started

Hero Text (current) “Curious about what’s trending in your neighborhood? Ready to make a move? Download our app for real estate insights, on demand.”

Watch when this is customizable. Add your own text.  Example could be “Download My New Home Search App.”

Personal URL & Text Code-  verify your app url and text code

Click Save and Continue

3.  Guide Builder

Setup- Select Buyer’s Guide> Next

Title- Your Guide to Buying A Home (Make it anything you want)

Message-  Change to make it work for you (see handout)

Click NEXT

Now you are on the Guide Builder.  Read and familiarize yourself with what is given.  You can add steps to your process.

Customize clicking on each step.  You can change the title, subtitle, and image.  You can delete steps you don’t need.

To add a step click Add Guide step – you will need to add title, subtitle and image

Click NEXT.  Now you see the Buyer’s Guide.

Click Add Guide.  To add the next guide.

Select Seller’s Guide

Select NEXT

Customize this now or leave it as is.

Click NEXT

The selling steps are listed.  Keep as is or customize.  You can add a step here also.

Click NEXT

Now you will see both guides.


4.  Consumer App Promotion Smart Plan

Turn it on.  Add people later.

Click Save and Continue.

YEA!!!  You did it.  Your app is ready to go!

Now you are ready to download it to your phone.

How to Access the Consumer App

** It is not ready to share with consumers yet, except for a few trusted friends where you are able to guide them in the process below to create their account and select you as their agent. The personalized app links are not working yet, but they will be by the time your consumers get their app updated.

Go to the App store and download the Keller Williams app (red KW with white background) see below image.

App Store Image

Download and accept permissions.

Log in as if you are the consumer (personal email address, use an abbreviation for your name). See the image below.

**Note, this is a consumer app, not an agent app. You will not be logging in as an agent, you will log in as a consumer with a personal email address so you can become familiar with the app and see the interaction between Command and the Consumer App.

Sign up for account

Once logged in to the app, select “You” at the bottom right of the app.

select me in app

Select  on “Your Agent” (see image below)

select your agent

Start typing the name of your agent, in this case, yourself, in the search at the top (see image below)

Search for your agent

Then select “Get in Touch” per the below image.

Get in Touch

Confirm yourself as an agent per the below image.

Confirm as Agent

You should see the below “success” message. then tap the screen to continue.


Confirm you are now the agent. See below image.

Confirm you are agent image

Yes! You have now created an account as a consumer, on your personalized home search app. Congratulations!






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