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This is your new agent resource website! It is at its beginning stages of how it can help you have answers at your fingertips  to help you build your business.

To submit ideas or helpful resouces for consideration to include on this site, email Tammy.

KWDMN Taking Action



With COVID -19 (also known as the coronavirus) in the forefront of our minds and businesses, this page has been created as a resource for the latest information, updates, resources that we have for you.


Please go to the calendar and verify dates and times for classes.

Until further notice, all of our classes with be livestream classes that have links for your to register and join in from any location using your phone, pad or computer.



These rules will be in effect starting Monday May 18, 2020.

CDC Health Safety Signs posted around the office for your convenience.

Hand Sanitizer located at entrance.

Masks available for use in common areas.
All classes will be conducted through

VENDOR partners will not be allowed to wander around the office to talk to agents in their offices. Appointments will need to be made to visit.

Every person that comes through the front door will be asked this question: “Do you have any symptoms?”  This will be asked of Staff, Agents and Guest.

The only door that will work with your key fob will be the front door. It will be left unlocked during business hours. We ask that everyone check-in as you come into the building and get your temperature checked. This will apply to Staff, Agents and Guests.

The front desk is off limits. Only one person, Alison Olson, is allowed back there along with the planning room as well.


Daily M-F plus Sunday wipe down and disinfecting by Cox Cleaning of all common areas, door handles, and light switches.

Main training room to remain closed. (Only exception – See #6)

Physical distancing mandatory in the office. NO one should be closer than 6 feet to another person.

NO in person trainings or coaching/consulting appointments

NO food served by the Market Center or its vendor partners in the Market Center.

NO client meetings are allowed in any Market Center spaces at any time other than the Conference Room “A” or Training Room “A” for no longer than 30 minutes and no more than three people in the room. YOU MUST RESERVE TIME WITH FRONT DESK.

Face Mask must be worn in common areas. (At copiers, in the mailroom, at the front desk, in the break room, in the bathrooms, etc.)  This includes staff, agents, and any guest to the Market Center.


Please take your temperature. If you have a temperature, stay home. Staff, Agents and Guests will be required to have their temperature taken up at the front desk. If you have a temperature, you will be asked to go home. If you are sick with any other symptoms, stay home.


Daily M-F plus Sunday wipe down and disinfecting by Cox Cleaning of all common areas, door handles, and light switches.
Main training room “A” open for meetings and small training classes of 15 people or less. No extra chairs or table are to be brought into the room. MUST RESERVE TIME WITH FRONT DESK.

Physical distancing mandatory in the office. NO one should be closer than 6 feet to another person.

NO food served by the Market Center or its vendor partners in the Market Center.

NO client meetings are allowed in any Market Center spaces at any time other than the Conference Room “A” or Training Room “A” for no longer than 30 minutes and no more than three people in the room. YOU MUST RESERVE TIME WITH FRONT DESK.

Face Mask must be worn in common areas. (At copiers, in the mailroom, at the front desk, in the break room, in the bathrooms, etc.)  This includes staff, agents, and any guest to the Market Center.



From KW DMN Team Leader, Stacey Buettner

Dear KW Dallas Metro North Family:

Your leadership team is committed to keeping you updated as we navigate through COVID-19. Given the fluid situation, our plans and responses may change based on the information and
updates we are receiving. As we continue to evaluate our ‘new norm’, staying connected to you all remains a priority. KW DMN, GO Management and KWRI continue to develop and extend enriched learning opportunities for you all. Recognizing that many of you may be sharing resources during this time at home with your family we are striving to develop a system of
communication allowing for ease in the distribution of information and contact with you all. Our hope is that this plan creates a simple structure for what you can expect in relation to communication, learning opportunities, and feedback in the upcoming weeks ahead of us. The best place for you to review learning opportunities and communicate will be by visiting, Office Private Facebook Group and emails which will be updated regularly by our staff.

With the wellbeing and success of our agents always being a priority for us, the desire to assist in any way possible has been on the forefront of my mind. In an effort to help you all with minimizing some business cost and helping keep money in your pockets to offset some other
expenses I am putting the following in effect:
● April and May $25 off of your base office bill.
● For those of you that are paying rent on an office space here in the market center we will be reducing your April and May rent by half.
● The 70/30 company dollar split will be reduced to 80/20 (the cap stays the same) for any new business executed April 1, 2020 thru the end of May.

We trust this will be helpful for you. Please know that you all are not alone in navigating through all of this. We all are pivoting together. Let’s stay strong and support each other through this journey. Please note, if you or your family is in need of additional support during this time please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Let’s stay strong and healthy. Love you guys!

Hope and a Step,

Stacey Buettner, TL


Hey you guys! We all have been working on getting clarity to what we can and can not do. Below is the most recent communication from our Broker. Please stay informed since we are in Denton County and therefore are considered an essential service. 

For those that are working Dallas County please keep reading as there is an action item for you as well along with an attachment for you. 

As your Broker, I wanted to answer a few questions, and be sure that you are being kept as up to date as possible.  

1):  There are some who are asking about an “essential services” letter.  We have been told by cities, counties, police departments that all you need to have when you are out is a business card or a name badge identifying you as an agent. We are not working under marshall law, where I believe you being stopped is very likely, however it is a good time to have business cards available and wear your name badge!  We are learning such good habits!  (For Tarrant, Collin, Denton, Ellis counties)

2):  I am asking that you each use common sense and just assure that you are in a “defensible” position.  You are providing an essential service to someone who needs to make a move right now, not someone who might move in July or August.  

3): NTREIS has announced a new selection that has been added to the “Showing Instructions Type” field –  “Virtual Showing – Call Agent”.    

This new selection provides an alternative means to comply with the “available to show” requirement. 

4):  Also, NTREIS sent a notice to all members last week that placing the listing in TOM status, while continuing to count days, will roll those days back off when restored to Active.

We want you to keep listing properties and be fully prepared to offer virtual showings, virtual open houses.  We want you to be prepared to help your “Now” buyers gather every bit of information possible using online resources:  read the SDN, use Google Earth, check the FBI sex offender registry, get a CLUE report, check  In Tarrant, Denton, Collin, Ellis counties, plan to show ONLY those properties that your clients are considering at the most serious levels. (DALLAS COUNTY keep lobbying to have real estate deemed an essential service! Sample lobbying letter is attached.)  

My son and daughter-in-law who are in the military bought the home they live in currently completely remotely.  They did not see the property until they moved in.  THIS WAS COMING TO OUR BUSINESS ANYWAY! 

Let’s be leaders and continue to serve and support our clients, our spheres and our communities! We’ve got this!


Stacey Buettner

From Our Broker

I imagine some of you are seeing paragraphs and forms that are being created to address the coronavirus and its possible impact on transactions.  Our attorney has given us the following feedback:  
These paragraphs & forms are unnecessary and too broad.  For example, what kind of proof of coronavirus would be required in order to trigger these phrases?  Even more importantly, to attempt to tie someone to a contract that is being impacted by an official national emergency sounds unenforceable to our attorney (that makes sense to me too).  You can easily negotiate an extension if both parties are willing, and if both parties are not willing, you probably are not going to get to closing anyway.

In addition, our attorney is not in favor of any sort of health questionnaire required before showings – and certainly not one created by you as an agent.  You can have a door sign with requests for hand sanitizer, leaving shoes outside, etc.  Your seller can attempt whatever they want to attempt, but our attorney’s advice for any concerned sellers is to avoid personal questions and ask for a pre-qualification letter in addition to requesting that they have viewed the videos and photography and sellers disclosure notice so that only the most serious of lookers enter the home.

We are staying on top of the legal issues for you!  Keep marketing, keep communicating and keep your pipeline full of business!

Anne Lakusta

4/1/20 Anne Lakusta

Gov. Abbott’s order takes precedence over any county or local order – and so real estate is considered “essential” in the state of Texas.

Follow this link and see highlight on page 13.
 ALSO – attached is a new form that our agents can offer to our buyers and sellers if they want extra protection regarding showings.  This should offer an extra level of protection to buyers who do not want to risk viewing a home where COVID19 is present…..and an extra level of protection to our sellers who do not want people with exposure to COVID19 to tour their home.
I expect that we will all begin to see this form in use!
Stay tuned for more daily changes – but as I end this day I consider this a win for Realtors – and we needed one!

4/9/20 Anne Lakusta

6/30/20 Anne Lakusta

GO Management

New GO Management Website!

GO Management is sending out emails to each of you on a regular basis with important information that contains strategies, scripts, and more. Keep an eye on your inbox for these.

“In the uncertain times that we are in, the person that has the answers will win.” – Smokey Garrett

GO Management has many resources available for you, the GO agents.

  • Medical Insurance
  • Certified iBuyer Pro
  • iFinder Program
  • Go App
  • Go Website

    The details for all of these and how they can be used are found here.

    You can find the GO Training classes alongside our KW DMN classes at this link.

    PPP Borrower Protection Forms

    Find the forms on this link.

    Conversation with Gary Keller

    Recording of “Conversation with Gary Keller”

    Keller Williams family,

    Make no mistake, we’re in a shift. It’s a different one than we’ve ever seen before. Its cause in and of itself warrants caution. We owe that to ourselves and everyone around us. The health challenge that has shown up in our lives is very real. It must be respected and we must take all necessary actions to keep each other safe.

    The economic effect of this challenge is both uniquely real and surprisingly familiar. It’s called a shift, an economic shift. This isn’t the first one and it certainly won’t be the last. Shift happens. And when it does, you must shift with it. You need to pivot quickly. If you don’t take action, you’re literally turning your business into a game of chance. And there’s no reason to do that. The actions are simple and highly effective. They’ve been time-tested and proven.

    Make no mistake, you need to pivot. You need to pivot today.

    So what do you do?

    In 2009, Jay, Dave, and I wrote a book called SHIFT. It was written on the heels of what turned out to be called the Great Recession, one of the most harrowing financial periods in American history. And, we came through it. We survived. And then, we thrived. Because we shifted.

    What SHIFT teaches us is as relevant today as it was then. And hopefully, you will pick it up and read it. The prescription that we lay out in the book proved to be not only accurate, but when taken seriously and implemented, highly effective.

    As a way of re-introducing you to what we wrote, Jay and I sat down and put these thoughts together for you. It’s time to pivot.

    1. Wake Up and Pay Attention

    Make no mistake where we are. Don’t let how you feel about this situation dictate what you do about it. When you’re dealing with less, you must do more. This isn’t a choice—it’s an imperative.

    Although it sounds trite, what is still true is that tough times call for tough-minded people. In normal times, rising tides keep all boats afloat. When tides recede, only boats that respond appropriately stay in the game. All others are grounded.

    In 1979, musical artist Kenny Loggins’ father was sick and facing uncertain odds. Unwilling to allow his father to slip into complacency, Kenny wrote these heartfelt words to his father, in his famous song “This Is It”:

    There’ve been times in my life
    I’ve been wondering why
    Still, somehow I believed we’d always survive
    Now, I’m not so sure you’re waiting to hear
    One good reason to try
    But what more can I say
    What’s left to provide
    You think that maybe it’s over
    Only if you want it to be
    Are you gonna wait for a sign, your miracle
    Stand up and fight
    This is it
    Make no mistake where you are
    This is it
    Your back’s to the corner
    This is it
    Don’t be a fool anymore
    This is it

    Kenny wrote this song to his father as a way of saying “Your situation is real. And you need to get up and get after it.” Today, we all face a similar moment. We need to pivot and face our new reality.

    2. Learn to Live on Less

    There’s an old saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” This applies to dollars too. When a shift happens it pays to understand that the first dollar you make is the dollar you don’t spend. The way you do this is to lower your expenses.

    The real power of this pivot is realizing that reducing your expenses is not a one-time event. Cut expenses every month for the rest of the year. Make it a game. And don’t forget to acknowledge and reward those who help.

    Review everything. Review every line, every month. And don’t stop until January 2021. You’ll be amazed at what you would have missed each time. You’ll often be encouraged by how once you cut something, the next month you’ll discover that you can cut even more.

    And please remember, financial pivoting isn’t just a business concept—it’s a personal one too. It doesn’t help to lower your business expenses if you don’t keep your personal expenses in check. Why save one dollar when you can save two. Learn to live on less.

    3. Double Down on Leads

    Dig into your goals and determine how many leads you’re going to need to achieve them. It is an absolute certainty that it will take more leads to accomplish your sales goals today than it did yesterday. This is why you double down.

    Think of it this way. The number of people out there you can do business with is never zero. There are still people that need you, you’ll just have to work twice as hard to find them. Even in 2011, the worst year of the Great Recession, the number of sides per agent was nearly the same as in 2019. Make no mistake, there’s still a lot of opportunity. There’s just less. So you must pivot and get more.

    Dust off your lead generation options. Choose the ones that make the most sense. Time block a minimum of four hours a day for lead generation. And never stop.

    4. Lean into the Market of the Moment

    To succeed in a market, you must understand it. No two markets are the same, which means a solution for one won’t necessarily work in another. Take a step back, look around, and identify the opportunities your market today has to offer. Every market will explain how you can best work in it and how people can best make it work for them.

    Whether it’s the type of property, the price of the property, the financing of the property, the type of seller, or the type of buyer, each market always has its own unique combination to unlock. When you’ve talked to enough people you’ll understand what your market has taken away and, more importantly, what it still has to give.

    The market will show you where you need to pivot.

    Every shift leaves an opening. A reason to stay in the market. Every problem eventually presents a solution. A way to help someone when they need it most. Today isn’t yesterday, and tomorrow isn’t determined. When the desire to do more comes from a place that’s bigger than ourselves, anything is possible. Potential can become reality. When we pivot, we help others pivot, and together we all have the opportunity to achieve more.

    Gary Keller

    TREC Statement


    The Texas Real Estate Commission has published a statement about COVID-19 on their website.

    They also have a Q & A page related to COVID-19 as well.

    GLAR Statement

    Refer to the GLAR website for the latest information.

    NAR Statement

    Refer to the National Association of REALTORS® website for the latest information.

    Resources for our Agents

    Seamless Virtual Closing – GO Resources

    As a GO Management Market Center, this is now available!

    Additional resources are available on their website, GO Central.

    Here is a link to the GO Resources. This includes flyers you can personalize, and many documents and graphics that will be helpful.

    Seamless Virtual Closing – DMN Resources

    We have a beautiful flyer, made just for our DMN agents that you can brand to yourself and announce our safe, virtual transactions.

    You can download a PowerPoint file you can edit and brand to yourself, here.

    You can get instructions on how to add this to your website page here.

    You can get instructions on how to send out a MailChimp Newletter with this content here.

    You can download a jpg version of the flyer here.

    Announcement Video

    Link to video is here!

    GO Call with Scripts for Virtual Transactions

    Link to video is here!

    Chaos to Opportunity

    Anne Lakusta taught an incredible class on how to take the chaos of CoronaVirus/COVID-19 and create opportunities. Here is the link to download the presentation and below is the video.

    Objection Handlers

    Increase ability for property to be viewed online by increasing photos, creating more videos, using social media for marketing.

    Host a virtual open house

    Submit your home to Keller Offers and the iFinderprogram so that they could receive offers from investeors. This will give valuable information about selling quickly, without showings.

    Request that all  showings leave shoes outside of the front door and use the hand sanitizer upon entering. We can add that to remarks in MLS and to Showing Instructions.

    If someone doesn’t want to have any showings, how about limit showings to a specific day, maybe Saturday from 10 to 3 only.

    Great script to use: Job creation and demand for homes DFW is not stopping. It remains a great time to sell, and maybe a better time to sell if others are pulling off the market.

    Keller MOrtgage is excellent tool to be able to use and have only those ready to buy, preapproved buyers, coming through the house.

    Keeping You Safe – Resources

    Flyer For Open Houses

    Anne Lakusta posted some great information on our Facebook page about what can be done to keep buyer’s and seller’s safe in this environment of COVID-19. I created a customizable flyer for you to  download, add your branding, and use. I, Tammy, Dir. of Tech, will be adding additional resources for you in the coming days.

    You can download the editable PowerPoint flyer here.

    Options to Connect Remotely with Clients

    Google Hangouts Meet

    All KW Agents have a G-Suite account through their email address. This provides a Google Meet account. This previously was called “Hangouts” and is now called “Meet”. This is a great free option to meet with clients virtually, rather than face-to-face. This link is for complete in-depth instruction and this link is a quick cheat sheet. Additional training link, if needed.


    Zoom is a great tool, and what you may not know is they have a free version that will work for many of your needs. On their pricing page, you will see the features that are available for free. With their free plan, you can have unlimited one-to-one meetings that include the ability to screen share. One of the biggest differences between a paid and free account is that the free account only allows for 40 minute meetings.

    See below for instructional videos and here is a link to 6 Tricks You Need to Know.


    Skype is another free tool that can allow you to meet with clients virtually. They have some great features. 

    More solutions and instructions coming your way soon!

    How to Use Remote Options

    Zoom -How to Use It

    Zoom – How to Share Your Phone Screen

    Options for Presentations

    PowerPoint – you can create a PDF or video of your presentation using PowerPoint.

    How to Create PDF from SmartPhone

    iPhone Option (without app)

    • Go to the “Notes” app
    • Select the camera icon (shown in image below)
    • Select Scan Documents (shown in image below)
    • Take a picture
    • Crop image, if desired
    • Select to “keep” the scan
    • Save (this is saving in your notes)
    • Done or Share
    • Done if you just want to save the pdf file in your notes
    • Share if you want to send it to your computer or other device
    • If sharing, make selection as to where to share, such through an email.

    iphone pdf using notes

    Hosting an Online Open House

    Along with our resources below, here is a link to resources for a virtual open house from Showing Time.

    We hosted a livestream Zoom class on March 20th. The recording of this webinar is posted below.

    Handout from the class -updated version can be downloaded here.

    We will be having a follow-up Livestream panel on 3/24/20 to review activities over the weekend and talk about what we experienced.

    Additional resources for a Virtual Open House

    Landing page for capturing information – see landing page basics here. More resources to be added.

    Scheduling – Calendly is a great free option to give time slots that are available for scheduling.

    More to come later today (3/20/20)

    Step by Step Instructions for a virtual Open House

    1. First, always be sure you are communicating with the Seller and find out their requirments. Make sure they are comfortable with how you proceed.

    2. Per GLAR (see add’l note below), you can, if desired, add an open house in the MLS and indicate it is virtual open house in the property description for the time being. However the MLS system will automatically issue violations if a link or web address is used.

    **New note: NTREIS has announced a new selection that has been added to the “Showing Instructions Type” field –  “Virtual Showing – Call Agent”.    

    This new selection provides an alternative means to comply with the “available to show” requirement. 

    3. Decide if you are going to do a Facebook Live virtual open house and/or a totally remote virtual open house by using Zoom or a similar system.

    4. If using the Zoom meeting option, set up the Meeting for this event. Either one time for all, or you can decide on private meeting times that you offer.

    5. Advertise the Open House using social media according to your decision in #2. You can use social media ads, events, etc. to bring attention to your open house. You can even use a sign rider that says “Virtual Open House” and gives days/times. If you have opted for a Zoom Meeting type of Open House, be sure the ad contains a link to the lead capture form directing them either to the link to the Zoom meeting or if you are offering private Zoom meetings, direct them to a calendar of times available. You can set up a calendar such as calendly for this purpose. Then be sure they get the link to your Zoom meeting as well.

    6. Keep your goal in mind which is to get Buyer/Seller leads and to give great exposure to the home you have listed.

    7. If you are doing your virtual open house as a Facebook Live, you may need to have a drawing for them to participate in so you can get their contact information. Have a link available to either a Command Landing Page or Google Form for them to register. My recommendation is the landing page. Prepare the lead capture form accordingly.

    8. Prior to either doing a Facebook Live or recording a video, be sure your seller has opened the doors, turned on the lights and made the preperations in order to keep things as germ free as possible.

    9. Make sure you are taking all precautions to keep the seller’s and yourself safe.

    10. If doing a Facebook Live event, you can post a link to your lead capture method for viewers to complete. Announce drawing and show them through the home answering questions and communicating with your audience. Make it lively and fun!

    11. If recording a video for showing in a Zoom meeting, show the safety measures you are taking. For example, hand sanitizer and dissinfectant sprays or wipes, booties, etc. Make the video informative and enjoyable, showing details. Remember this is not a typical video advertising the home online, this is to replace a true open house walkthrough. Remember that you do not need to be perfect! You can use just a Smartphone, it will work! If you have more extensive equipment, fabulous, but you do not need it. Please see the class handout that is available for download in this section that contains more details on this.

    12. Why wait? Get started now!

    Email Sphere of Influence

    How to reach out to your sphere in a time like this? Here is a sample email that you can send out via SmartPlans.

    Download here – Rev 2 of suggested email



    Resources & Support

    Additional Resources

    Search other KWRI & DMN resources!

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