Do you need help with Compliance and how to get paid? Below are instructions in several forms for you to follow.

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The bottom of this page has videos on the processes included in Command Compliance, including instructions on using DocuSign.

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Compliance Classes

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Command Compliance

DocuSign Step-by-Step Instructions

Please note that this is still considered a preliminary version of the DocuSign steps.


In Command

  • In Command Settings, be sure you are connected to Docusign
  • Verify your client(s) are in your Command Contacts (and not designated as a lead)
  • Create Opportunity (be sure it is named with the type of transaction, last name, and address)
  • When created, the Opportunity will open in Details Tab
  • Edit details if and when needed by selecting the pencil icon
  • Select the Documents Tab
  • To complete your documents for signatures in DocuSign, select “Start a Transaction”, this creates a “Transaction Room” in DocuSign and takes you to the DocuSign Room. The first time you will need to login to DocuSign, in the future it will take you there automatically.

In DocuSign

Select the Details Tab

  • Select the Edit button (blue button on the top right)
  • Add property address
  • Add buyer/seller information
  • Add listing/seller agent info (you) being sure you add the company name (brokerage)
  • Save Details (blue button on the bottom of the screen)

Select the Documents Tab

  • Select the Add Button to add your documents
  • Typically you will select “DocuSign” unless you are uploading documents from your computer, Zipforms, etc.
  • The first time you use this DocuSign, you will need to add your NRDS number per the instructions that will show on the page. This is a one-time setup.
  • Select either DocuSign Forms Library or DocuSign Forms Group
    • “Library” contains all TXR forms
    • “Group” is our KWDMN documents where you will see standard buyer/seller documents.
  • Select the needed forms
  • Select  “Add”
  • View your documents by selecting on the forms, (in the middle of form), they will open the form in a window
  • Edit any documents that are “DocuSign editable docs here, such as completing contract information, etc. Just select the field for that item and type in it. If you have uploaded PDF documents, you do not edit them here.
  • Verify your information is complete, then select on the yellow “Save and Close” button. If you want to exit the form without saving, click on the “X” on the top right of the page.
  • Repeat the above steps of selecting a document to edit, then adding your information and saving until all of the documents you are working with are complete.
  • After you have viewed, edited, saved the documents that you are now ready to send your client”

**Note: You do not add signatures here in the Documents section.**

  • Select the documents in the room that you are ready to send by clicking on the circle on the top left of each document.
  • When you select one or more documents in this way, a menu will appear on the top center of the page.
  • Select the “pen” DocuSign icon

This opens up an Envelope

  • Name the envelope (your client will see the name of this envelope)
  • Add Recipients to the Envelope by selecting the down-arrow option by “Add Recipient”
  • Select “Pre-Tagged Roles”
  • Select the role of your client(s), for example, Buyer One, then select on the “recipient” dropdown and select the name of your client
  • Select the  role of listing/buyer agent, then select yourself
  • Select “add selected”
  • Designate the order of the signatures

To the left of the recipient list you have just added, there will be a box with a number in it for you to designate the order people should receive the documents. This may be you or your clients, depending on the situation. Typically you would be first, unless you need to add the execution date on the contract. In that case, you would want yourself last. If you have two buyers/sellers you would typically add them both as the same number so either can sign first.


  • Select the yellow “Next” button at the top right of the page to add or verify signatures, text, etc. that may still need to be added. This will take a minute for DocuSign to prepare your document.


  • In this view, you will see the document in the center, on the right is a thumbnail of each page of the documents, on the left is the editing/adding functions. At the top left is a drop-down arrow where you can select either yourself or your clients(s). Each person will have a unique color assigned to them.
  • Make sure you have the correct person designated and verify the text, button selections, and placeholders for signatures, initials and dates.
  • If you need to add text, find the location, then select on the “text” icon and drag it to the place you want to add text. This adds the text box, then you can type in the text box you just added and adjust the size if needed.
  • To delete something you have added, select it, hold your mouse down, and drag it to the left and you will see a trash can appear to remove it.
  • Select each person is selected on the top left of the screen, and verify all of the appropriate items have been added on all documents. 


When you have verified everything is complete and you are ready to send to your client!

Select the yellow “Send” button. This will send the email to your clients.

When the documents have been signed, you will see the forms in your room documents in two versions, one signed and one unsigned.

When the transaction is complete and you are ready to submit to compliance, you do this in the associated Command Opportunity. Documents section.

 Keep in mind:


Fields available in DocuSign may be “smart” – if it asks for an email, it may need to be only an email address added there.

If you need duplicate documents in your room, rename the first one, then you will be able to add the second one.

If you upload a pdf file to use, if it does not seem to load properly, remember all PDF files are not created equal. There are different types. One way to change to a completely flat PDF format that DocuSign will accept is to scan it to yourself in a PDF format. This is not unique to DocuSign, the same thing happened in Dotlop and other programs.


You will make an envelope for each time you send a document to your client

You will add only the people needed to sign in that envelope and you cannot have “empty placeholders” there for people that are not filled in.

You do not need to have “broker” as one of the people. If circumstances where you are sending documents only to your client, your client will be a pre-tagged role, and you will be the Buyer/Seller Agent (not pre-tagged, but room participant.

Number the order of signatures appropriately. If you have 2 buyers or 2 sellers you will typically have both as number ones and then yourself as number 2.

To execute a contract, by putting yourself last on the order of signers, you can then add that date without having to download and upload a pdf.

If you have extended your Dotloop account, instructions to connect your Dotloop account to Command are located here.

DocuSign Step-By-Step Video

If you have extended your Dotloop account, instructions to connect your Dotloop account to Command are located here.

DocuSign Tips

How to Split Documents

In Documents, select on the pdf document you have imported. Then select the document options icon per the image below. Then select the “Split” option.

DocuSign PDF Options

Trouble-Shooting Steps

Cannot access DocuSign through Command?

Go to and log in with your KW DocuSign credentials. This will bring you to DocuSign Rooms. You should see all of your rooms that have been created here. However do not start your “room” here, as you cannot later connect it to Opportunities. However in the case you cannot access your already created room, or need to create one for an emergency document, you can do so here.

Not Able to Add  TXR Forms to Documents Section

  • Log in to DocuSign Rooms Account
  • Select on your initials at the top right
  • Select Preferences
  • Select Integrations
  • Scroll to NRDS Information
  • Add NRDS Number

Error When Entering NRDS Number

Your DocuSign Name must match your name in the NRDS system exactly. IF you need to update your name, follow these instructions.

View these NRDS troubleshooting tips.

Can I update my Account Name in DocuSign?

Yes! Follow these instructions.

Additional Resources

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Dotloop Integration

 If you have extended your Dotloop account, instructions to connect your Dotloop account to Command are located here.


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