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Domain Forwarding

KW Consumer

Domain Forwarding

Why Purchase A Domain?

Keller Williams gives you a website that you can customize through Command. When you onboard into this office, you are given a “subdomain” for your website. You can choose to use this subdomain or purchase a domain and forward your purchased domain to your KW given subdomain.

Two Reasons I recommend you purchase a domain from a domain hosting company (most people tend to use GoDaddy, but you can use any you chose to).

1. It is a very low-cost option (typically less than $12 per year) in order to get the branding benefit of choosing your own domain that you can control where it is forwarded to and is branded to you.

2. Due to internet protocol, you cannot add “www” when typing a subdomain address into a web browser. You no longer need to type “www” at all, however, people are still in the habit of doing so. If they do, they will reach an error page.  This is not due to KW Systems, this is due to internet protocol.

If you decide to purchase a domain name, please check the compliance requirements for domains to be sure your domain is compliant with TREC and NAR rules.

Forwarding Your Domain

The example I am going to give in the images below are from a GODaddy account. You can do the same functions in any domain hosting account, but they may look a bit different. If you are uncomfortable doing this with GODaddy or any hosting company, please call the company’s support line and request they complete the following items on your behalf. 1) Forward the domain and 2) Add a CName Record allowing “www” to be used. See the below instructions if you choose to do this yourself.

Log in to your account

Select your name at the top right of the page

Select “My Products”

Find the domain you want to forward and select “DNS” on the right to open the DNS Management page.

Scroll down to the “Forwarding” section

Select the pencil icon to edit

Forward your domain by following the instructions in the image below.

Forwarding GoDaddy Domain image 1

After completing these instructions, it may take up to an hour to be effective, however, typically, it does change almost immediately. Be sure you verify that it is forwarding properly.

Add or Verify CNAME

In order to make sure your website can be accessed whether someone types in “www” or not, you will want to verify if a specific CNAME Record exists, and if not, create one. Again, if you are uncomfortable doing this, contact your domain company’s support and request the do this for you.

On the same page as above, the DNS Management page, scroll to the Records section. See the below image which shows you the CNAME Record that allows this. If you see this as in the below image, you do not need to do anything further. You are done! If you do not, proceed to the next step.

Forwarding GoDaddy Domain image 2

Add A CNAME Record by selecting the “Add” button per the below image.

add a record

Next you will see a dropdown menu like the one shown in the below image. Select on CNAME.

select CNAME

Complete the information per the below image.

complete the cname record and save


Congratulations! Once these steps are done, you should be able to type in the domain with or without the preceding “www”.

Command Assistance


Support is here for you! If you need assistance be sure and select the “Help” menu item at the top of this website.