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GO Management

Who is GO?

GO Management is our  (Keller Williams Dallas Metro North) ownership/management group. They have 9 market centers in the DFW area, 3 in New Mexico and 1 in Memphis.

GO Website

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gGO App

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Questions about the App? Having difficulty logging in? Contact Bailey Turner, our Market Center Tech Trainer. She is your GO App resources person.

Medical Insurance

GO Offers Medical Insurance to our agents. Our plans are PPO level coverage through major carriers and the deductibles and premiums are very reasonable, similar to our employee’s. These are exclusive gropu policies available to GO Agents. For more information contact your MCA, Jeri McGuire, or on the 
GO App go to Agent Resources/Bridge Insurance.

Certified iBuyer Pro & iFinder Program

This program equips our agents to deliver multiple offers to a potential seller, should the traditional listing with an agent not be right for them. As we might confront worried sellers giving access to their property, an instant offer might benefit them. Whether the seller chooses to sell directly or list with you, your ability as a GO agent to market this exclusive program to your database can help you create conversations with your sellers and give them peace of mind. Remember, only GO agents have access to this program and certification.

For more information please email or contact to Dixie Augustine.

Pocket Listings

Should you need to address the concern with the sellers about listing their property and having multiple showings, the Pocket Listing feature on the GO App (see above info) can be a great tool to promote listings internally. This feature gives you and your seller access to 4500 agents across 9 offices in DFW, 3 in New Mexico, and 1 in Memphis, having the ability to privately market off-MLS to ease your seller’s concern. This does not violate Ntreis rules since it is internal.

Go to the GO App > Agent Resources > Pocket Listings or Buyer Needs

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