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Need Assistance?

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Help with Commissions

During this new process moving from Greensheets to Command Commissions, please go to this page for instructions or complete the form at the bottom of this page to get assistance. Thank you!

Help or Support?

Help – Do you need instructions on how to accomplish something?

Support – You know how to accomplish something but it is not working properly.

See below for help on either issue.

Tech Help Options

1) Search this kwdmn agent resources site. There is a search icon at the top menu on every page. Or look under the appropriate topic in the menu items.

2. gives many written and video instructions.

2) Scott Le Roy Marketing Services are here to help you with many of your technical and marketing questions. Go to this page and login using our MC number 92 and find out how they can help. Their direct support info is:

3) Command “Chat” by selecting on the question mark at the top of the page while logged in to Command.

4) Many additional online resources, including Facebook Groups and Command 66 Day Challenge (see the new 4.0 challenge)

5) Contact Bailey Turner, Market Center Technology Trainer, or her team of tech experts, the Technology Leadership Council, to assist by either scheduling a one-on-one tech consultation or completing the form below. Please note that during this COVID-19 restriction time, there are both Zoom & in-person tech consultation options. You will receive a Zoom link prior to your scheduled time.

Tech Support Options

Keller Williams Support & Escalation

Prior to reporting an issue, be prepared with screenshots clearly showing the issue or a video that you can submit to support. For a video,  Loom is a free source to use to create this type of video. You can use Snipping Tool for an image on a PC.

1. Submit a report to Keller Williams either by using Command Chat (or leaving a message on the Chat screen) or send an email to to report the issue.

2. If you have not received a satisfactory reply within 24 to 48 hours, your issue can be escalated to 2nd Tier Support by completing the information on this link, which is a Google Form. Note that there are times the waiting period can be waived if the issue is critical. However, in order to do this, we still need the information on the form (above) with a clear explanation of why it is critical. This is so that the critical nature of your issue can be clearly communicated.

Image of the process for KW Support and Escalation:

KW Support and Escalation Process image