Printer Setup

PC and Mac Instructions

Printer Setup

Mac to KWDMN Printers

Mac computers can now be connected to not only the black & white (free) printers in our building but also the larger color copiers. 

Large Color Copiers/Printers

1. Schedule a time with Tech as there is a part you do on your computer and a part the MC must do in their systems. 

2. When you come to the appointment, be sure you know your Mac login that is needed when you download and install software.

Black & White Printers

If you are a bit techie and want to connect your printers to the black and white (free) printers in the market center, you can follow the below instructions. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, just have them installed when you have the color copiers installed (see above).

To install the black & white printer drivers on a Mac:

Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners.

 Click the Add button at the bottom of the printer list, click IP, then enter the printer information below. 

Location 1:

Bullpen in middle of building near Red Wall

IP Address:

Name: Workroom 600 printer

Location 2

Back hallway east side of the building

IP Address:

Name: East 600 printer

Location 3

North side of building near the coaching offices

IP Address:

Name: King 4350

PC to KWDMN Printers

Download the printer drivers by selecting this link. This link will access a file and you will be prompted to download it and run it.

This program (above) will take about 5 minutes to run and will add the printer drivers for all color and black & white computers in our building to your printer.

It will tell you when it is complete.

Trouble Shoot Printers

Mac to Printers

Trouble printing after your Mac has been connected to the printers and you can no longer print?

1. Be sure you have restarted your computer.

2. Try again to print.

3. If you still cannot print, contact us either by using the “Help” menu above or you can email Martha at

PC to Printers

If you have already installed the printer drivers (using the method above) and now you can no longer print or you no longer get the pop-up to insert your printing code, follow the below instructions:

Check for updates on your computer and make sure all updates have been made by following the below instructions.

See the image below on one method to search for updates and install them:

1. Go to “check for updates”

search for updates image

2. Select “check for updates” button

check for updates button

3. After updates have run, be sure to restart your computer, then check for updates again.

4. Once all updates have been completed, then reinstall the printer drivers.

5. Try printing, this should have solved the problem, but if not, contact Martha at


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