Profile & Setup


Profile & Setup

Verify Older KW Profiles

Check all of your KW Profiles, even the ones outside of Command as some of these earlier profiles still populate information into the newer profiles.

KW White Pages Profile

  • Log in to and select the “profile” link per the below image.
  • Verify your information and save.
  • For detailed instructions see this document.

white pages profile

KWConnect Profile

  • Log in to your account and hover your mouse on “home” then select “KWConnect” per the below image.

kwconnect profile 1

  • If you are not logged in, then select the login link at the top right, see image below.

KWConnect profile 2

  • Go to your profile by selecting your image at the top right circle, and selecting it from the menu option.
  • Select “Edit My Profile” per the below image.

kwconnect 3

Command Agent Profile

This profile will typically populate from your KW Connect profile above.

  • Log in to Command at
  • Select your name at the top, then selecting “profile” from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the “edit profile” button on the top right to make any needed edits.

Setup Your Command Marketing Profile

Either follow the written “Step by Step Documentation” or the Video below for instructions. They cover the same information, one just in written format and another in a video format. Use whatever fits your learning style.

**Note – If you were an early adopter to Command, take a few moments to verify your profile and make needed updates.

In preparation, I recommend you have these items on your computer in advance.

  • Your professional headshot image.
  • The standard size Keller Williams Logo with a transparent background downloaded from the “commonly used logos” folder.
  • If you have a business logo, have that available as a 360 x 360 px. image.

Step by Step Documentation

(For more details, watch the video below)

  • Login to Command
  • Select Consumer > Agent Site Pages > Configure Your Site
  • Select proper option from the pop-up
  • Select “Get Started”
  • Acknowledge and Continue
  • Subdomain – If you are using your Command website, add your desired domain and select confirm (you can always change this).
  • Select Marketing Profile Information to continue.
  • Add First Name
  • Add Last Name
  • Your MC should default to DMN or KW
  • Add the Market Center Address is the proper fields
  • Team or Business name – if team, this should be your team name, if individual, put your name and REALTOR®
    (Ex. Tammy Bunk, REALTOR®)
  • Enter Job Title (recommended is Real Estate Professional or similar)
  • Enter your professional email address
  • Enter your office phone number with no dashes, spaces, or parenthesis, this can be our MC number or your cell if you do not have an “office” number.
  • Enter your mobile phone number with no dashes, spaces or parenthesis
  • Enter your biography
  • Enter your 6 digit real estate license number
  • Compliance Footer Info:
    • KELLER WILLIAMS® Realty, Dallas Metro North
      Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.
  • Add titles and links to your 2 TREC forms. To add the 2nd link, select the “add more links”.
    • Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services
    • Texas Real Estate Commission Information Consumer Protection Notice
  • Legal Footer Image you can leave blank
  • Add your photo, be sure and crop it so it is a square image. It no longer needs to be exactly 360 x 360.
  • Add the Market Center logo (not square but the standard size, rectangle)
  • Add Team/Header logo – this must be a square image 360 x 360. If you have a business logo, if you are a team or individual agent, add it here. If do not have a logo, I recommend adding the 360 x 360 KWDMN small logo or similar as in certain places of your branding, if this is blank, it will show up as a small empty circle.
  • Add your social media links
  • Add your KW App Link, but be sure and add the “s” to say “https://” prior to the rest of your app link.
  • Save and Continue
  • At the bottom of the following pages, just select save and continue or skip in order to get to the end of this setup guide. To see details on how to set up your complete website, see additional instructions.
  • At the end of the Kelle Guide you will see a white “X” at the top right of the page, click on it.
  • Click on your name at the top to get the dropdown and select “Settings”
  • Select “Connect Settings” then “Marketing Profile”
  • The top selection has to be set to on to make your website live.
  • Verify the rest of your information as most of this should already be completed.
  • Website – add the full website link, eample would be
  • Leave the Market Center logo as is even though it appears to be distorted
  • Continue to verify information
  • Leave the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics blank for now unless you are already using them.
  • Once everything is verified, select save.

Video Instructions

Neighborhood and Landing Page Setup

Instructions to create your basic landing page setup are located in the short video below.

App Settings


In order for Kelle to be an effective tool for you, please be sure you have completed the below items. Detailed instructions for an iPhone user are here and for Android users they are here.

1. Downloaded Kelle from the app store

2. Automatic updates set to “on”

3. Push Notifications set to “on”

4. Logged in to Kelle with your KW credentials.

*Note about the Kelle App- Kelle will be replaced in the coming months with Command Mobile, an app that will look and feel like a true mobile version of Command. It is still very important to have Kelle downloaded and activated following the above instructions because of the notification value that Kelle currently provides.

Mobile Version of Command

Until the app Command Mobile is released (see above) the best method to use Command on your phone is via your browser opened to Command. You will see Command in a similar way as you will eventually see it in Command Mobile.

An easy way to access Command via your phone browser is to create a shortcut on your home screen that will take you directly to Command in your browser.

KW: Buy & Sell Real Estate App

This is your personalized consumer “Home Search App”

Go to your app store and search for and download the app KW: Buy & Sell Real Estate App

Accept permissions

Select “sign up”

Create an account with a personal email address (this is preferred because you are accessing this app as a consumer would, not as an agent).

You will get a screen saying you are “all set” and tap anywhere to dismiss. Go ahead and tap on the screen.

On the bottom menu, select “more”

Then select “Find an agent”

Search for your own name (type slowly, if you do not see your name appear, try searching for your last name)

Select “get in touch”

If it asks you to confirm or claim your agent, confirm that selection.

You will get a “success” message, tap anywhere to dismiss, go ahead and tap.

On the bottom menu, select “more”

You should now see yourself listed as the agent at the top of the screen.

You will also see the option to “share the KW app” that you can select and you will see your phone’s sharing options. When you share your app, the person will need to create an account, but then they will automatically be connected to you as their agent. (Each agent has a sharing code that is personal to them).

See this page for more app information.


Command Settings

In Command, select on your name (drop-down arrow) at the top right of your dashboard, then select “settings” and complete your settings with the below instructions.

Here is a KW help file that can assist you as well.

As you sync your apps remember that your account is a business Google account so the calendar and email does sync as a Google calendar and Gmail account.

DocuSign – Yes, connect to Command. There is an excellent video with instructions.

Facebook (Post Scheduling) – this connection is to allow you to post to your Facebook business page using Command. You will connect using your personal profile, then you will select your business page when posting. You can connect more than one account, if desired.

Google Calendar – this connection allow you to create meetings.

Mailjet – configure your reply to email that is used for Neighborhood Nurture Smartplans.

Gmail – sync your business Gmail account, or whatever Gmail account you use as your professional email.

Twitter (Post Scheduling) – if you have a Twitter account and you want Command to have access to post tweets to your account.

eEdge –  recommendation is to not sync your eEdge account at this time. In the past, there have been times where it has allowed contacts and related information to sync with Command. This currently is not the case.

Twilio – this is an extra service that provides group texting through Command and Kelle. You can sign up, if desired. There is an added cost for for this service, however it is a minimal cost.

PieSync – this is an extra service that provides a connection from Command to many other applications. This may be a solution for numerous things such as importing/exporting your contacts or syncing with another application.

Office 365 – if you are using Office 365 tools for your business rather than Google, you can use this method to connect. As of October 2019 there are some known issues if you are using Office 365 through GoDaddy.

Facebook (Ads Manager) – this connection is to allow you to create and post Facebook ads on your business page using Command. You will connect using your personal profile, then you will select your business page when posting. You can connect more than one account, if desired.

Twitter – this connection is to allow you to create and post Twitter ads using Command.

Google Adwords – connect with your Google Adword account to allow Command to interact with your Adwords account.

MailChimp Account – it is recommended by KWRI to no longer connect with Mailchimp for email campaigns. It is working, and will send out email campaigns from Command, however there is a cost. KW is looking for another email campaign solution. You can use MailChimp if you are willing to pay the fees.


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