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Agent Info


This is the link to your main KW page that contains profiles, access to Market Leader, etc.

Primary Use:

  • Official KWDMN Calendar
  • Market Center > Documents


This is the link to KW Connect where many online resources exist such as videos and other resources from KW University, and any KW Associate. It also has contained our KW Referral System, CGI tools, etc. KW Connect is currently being integrated with Command, as currently you will see it in both locations.

Primary Use:

  • Training from KWU
  • Profile for KW Referrals Network


KW Command

This is our new end-to-end real estate platform that contains many Apps, including contacts, smartplans, campaigns, websites, etc.

Primary Use:

  • Contacts
  • Marketing
  • Tasks
  • Transaction Pipeline
  • Contracts/Compliance
  • And more!

@kw.com Email

Your @kw.com email is a Google Business Email (G-Suite) email. It provides a suite of tools along with your emails being encrypted. You access your @KW.com email the same way you would access any Gmail account, at https://mail.google.com/

@kw.com Google Drive

Along with your @kw.com email and the full G-Suite tools, you have access to the Google Drive which is a cloud storage service within your @kw.com account. This link will take you to your Google Drive.

Seller’s Shield

Seller’s Shield is a great tools that all of our agents should be using. Think of it like Turbo Tax for your Seller’s when they complete the Seller’s Disclosure. This can assist your Sellers in completing the Disclosure more accurately.


Showing Time

New Home Source Professional

Michael Lewis Marketing Suite

Cloud CMA

Keller Williams International (KWRI)

Keller Mortgage

Find out more about Keller Mortgage including helpful social media tips.


For more information email dixie.augustine@kw.com


​PC Printer Drivers

If you have a PC (not a mac) when you are in the building, click on the above link to download the printer drivers for all printers (color and black & white). When you select on the link, it will take a few minutes to locate the file and start the download on your computer. Then you will need to select the file to have it “run” and setup the printer drivers. This will take approximately 5 minutes for this to complete. It will let you know with a message on your screen that it is complete.

For more detailed information on printer setup or trouble-shooting, go to this page.

Mac Printer Sign-up

We now can connect Mac computers to our larger color/copiers in addition to the free B & W printers. It is a more complex setup then for a PC, so you will need to set an appointment to get this done.


Chrome is the preferred browser for our Keller Williams systems. This link is to get the latest download.


KW DMN Tech Support

Request Tech Help

KWRI Tech Support

Phone: 512.327.3070

Email: support@kw.com

Command > Support & Chat

Select the ? Icon at the top and select “Chat with Support”


Keller Mortgage


Seller’s Shield



GLAR: 972.221.4606

SUPRA: 877.699.6787

NTREIS: 888.440.3687

ZipForms: 800.383.9805

Contract Questions: 972.849.8831

Market Leader eEdge 866.224.9425

TAR Legal: 800.873.9155

TREC Standards & Enforcement Services: 512.936.3005 or enforcement@trec.texas.gov

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