This is your new agent resource website! It is at its beginning stages of how it can help you have answers at your fingertips  to help you build your business.

To submit ideas or helpful resouces for consideration to include on this site, email Tammy.

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You will find many resources available in addition to this KW DMN website. In fact, most of the Command resources found on this site are available other places, we simply list them here for your convenience.

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Command Resources

Command – log in with your mykw credentials

question mark in circle imageCommand Information & Support Button – chat and help files from KW University ( as well as a link to send your requests for future updates ( – help files and videos to learn all of  KW Technology. This is the same resource you receive at  the above support button.

Tech Enabled Agent – Resources, documents, videos, live stream from KWU schedule

Keller Williams University Live Stream Video Schedule – KWConnect > Technology > Videos or on our Intranet Calendar

Keller Cloud Products – Information on all products associated with Keller Cloud.

Command 66 Day Challenge – (request to be added to this Facebook Group) this is a great resource that has short “how to” videos by Marty Miller on the features of Command. Marty has previously done videos done on Kelle as well and the link to those can be found in this FB Group as well. – information about KW’s new technology. This is an incredible site not for “how to” information but to understand the overview of  our KW technology. – Submit ideas and/or vote on ideas that have previously been submitted​ – KW online magazine

Facebook Groups – There are many Faceboook Groups that exist for many facets of our KW technology, including Command. There is some great information in these groups and they are a great place to ask questions and exchange ideas. One caution is that you look at who the admins are and know who has reputable information. As well as being helpful, there are times these groups have information that is not correct or has not been vetted by KW.  These are open forums that can be a fabulous resource, if you realize the context. If you have any questions about something you are seeing in these groups, let us know! You will need to request to be added to these Facebook Groups, as they are not open to non-KW individuals. Some of these are:

Keller Williams Command 66 Day Challenge

KW Command

KW Command Help! & KW Technology Masterminding

Take Command

Keller Mortgage