Tech Check


Tech Check 2020


o    Files and folders on your computer and/or Cloud Services

Do you spend time trying to find files you know are “somewhere” on your computer? Take some time to organize (or re-organize) your files and folders. In the long run, this will save you time.

o    Back-up of your information

Do you have a backup of your computer hard drive? How about your Smartphone? There are several free or low-cost options to be sure you have a backup of your data.

o    Email

Primarily these instructions are for Gmail, however, you can apply these principles in almost every email client you may be using.

o    Labels

Gmail Labels: Everything You Need to Know

o    Set up filters

How to Set Up Gmail Filters and Why they are Helpful

o    Clean out inbox

How to Delete and Recover Deleted Email

o    Archive

How to Archive Email

o    Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails

How to Declutter Your Inbox by Unsubscribing

Do a search in your emails for “unsubscribe” to see all of the emails that you are subscribed to and then take appropriate action.

o    Clean out draft emails

Do you have emails you started but did not send? Check your “Draft” email and delete all unnecessary emails.

o    Clean up contacts

Do you have contacts that need to be updated or deleted? This is the time!

o    Clean up Gmail auto-complete address list and check your related settings.

How to Clean Your Gmail Auto Complete List

o    Bookmarks – organize them

How to Manage Your Bookmarks in the Chrome Browser

o    Clear Browser Cache regularly

Video on how to clear cache in Chrome

Instructions to clear cookies and cache on any browser.

Online / Social Media

o    Google yourself and your business – see what is there

o    Set Google Alert for you/your business

How to Create a Google Alert

o    Polish Your Digital Presence – You only get to make a first impression once, so make it a great one!

**Hint: in addition to you doing this review, ask a trusted friend or business partner to review as well. They may see things you do not notice.

o    Is your online message consistent? Does it represent you/your business well?

o    Verify your biography and “about me”

o    Do you need an updated headshot?

o    Contact information – is it there and easy to find?

o    Reviews – do you have any? Ask for them.

o    Social Media – does your engagement reflect purpose?

o    Check for advertising compliance requirements

Refer to our KWDMN resources for details.

Security and Privacy

o    Change passwords on a regular basis

Consider a method that helps you remember them.

Consider a password manager (do an online search to find one that is recommended)

o    Google privacy checkup

Google – Privacy is Personal

Review the settings and update them if needed. There is no right or wrong in these sections but allows you to choose what information you want to be synced with other systems and what information you are willing to share with Google and other services.

o    Select the 3 menu dots on the top right of your browser

o    Select “Settings” – this opens up the “People” section.

Review the following sections and update if needed.

o    Sync and Google Services

o    Other Google Services

o    Autofill

o    Autofill Passwords – check if you have any you want to delete

o    Autofilment Methods

o    At the bottom, select “Advanced” to see more options

o    Privacy and Security

Pay special attention to this section as you go through each item.  Under the “Site Settings” pay attention to what you are allowing and the notifications you have set.

o    Facebook > down arrow at the top, right of the page, then select “Settings”. You will see the below sections on the left menu items.

Verify and update as needed:

o    General info

o    Security and Login

o    Your Facebook Information

o     Privacy

o    Face Recognition

o    Notifications

o    Apps and Websites

This shows the apps and websites you have given permission to interact and most often share data with Facebook. There is more information here.

o    Ads

This section is what Facebook has determined about you and what advertising you want to see. Select the different sections (there are several) and if you want to remove something, you can do putting your mouse on the item and selecting the “X”.

o    Payments (for your review)

o    Facebook Tracking

This link will show you your Facebook activity.

Be sure and review not only the main items on the page, but on the right sidebar, you will see a “What You Can Do” section to review/edit.

Basic Privacy Settings & Tools from Facebook

Additional Social Media and Internet Browsers.

Be sure to check other social media as well as other Internet browsers you may be using. You can do an online search to get more details on doing a privacy check.


iPhone Resources

How to Tighten Your Phone Security

Android Resources

Check or Change Security Settings

Security Checkup

o    Check Phone Account Permissions

o    Check App Permissions

o    Uninstall Apps you are not using


o    Review Auto-payments – are the items still relevant? This can typically be done through your online bank account access. If not, you can check your monthly bank statements.


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