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Clearing Browser Cache

Computer Cache

This link from KW Support gives links on how to clear cache for all computer browser types. In addition, I have a video below that shows how to clear cache in the Chrome browser.

Chrome Browser

Smartphone Cache

It is not recommended to clear your entire smartphone cache with all of the app cache as often as your computer. That said, I would recommend clearing your phone website browser cache occaisionally i.e. Chrome, Safari, or any web browser you are using on your phone. You can find those instructions on the links below. If your phone does not seem to match the instructions given, you can do an online search to get instructions for your specific phone.


This link gives you instructions to clear cache on your Android Smartphone. However an added note as that at least on some versions, instead of going into “settings (look for the settings wheel icon)” then to “storage”, then to “app manager” as this link shows, you can go directly from “settings” to “apps” then select “storage” to see the “clear cache” option.


This link gives you instructions to clear cache on your iPhone Safari browser. 

This link gives you instructions to clear cache on your iPhone Chrome browser.

Get Shareable Links for TREC Forms

This example in the video shows you how to create links from documents in your Google Drive. However, these instructions can be adapted to get links for any documents you have in the Google Drive.

Create a TREC Compliant Email Signature

First, create your links to TREC forms per this video. Then watch this video to add information to your email signature.

The link to the logo that this video uses is:

Copy and paste this text:

WIRE FRAUD: During your representation by Keller Williams Realty you will NEVER be asked, via email, to wire or send funds to ANYONE, not even a title company. DO NOT COMPLY WITH EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS TO WIRE FUNDS!

Link to TREC Compliance page is here for reference.

Command Custom SmartViews & Home View

Watch this short video to save you a ton of time! Customize your contact view(s) and your home dashboard. 

Gmail Labels

Labels in Gmail might be considered like a “tag” and very similar to folders, with one distinct difference; you can have more than one label assigned to an email.

Most people who use Gmail use Labels to some degree, however, if you put some thought into how you use them, and combine them with Filters, they can become even more useful. Here is a great description of how and why to use them, then keep this in mind as you look at the Tip for Gmail Filters below.

Gmail Filters

Did you know you can accomplish a lot of tasks by using filters that are available in your (G-Suite/Gmail) account?

Previously I gave a lot of tips on using your Gmail more effectively, but here is an added one that is helpful.

Practical Uses for Filters

1.    Do you want a notification email to be sent to someone other than the default email an account such as DocuSign or Dotlloop? Or any other account?

2.    Use a specific email for marketing or lead generation that you want forwarded to another email?

3.    Want emails that come with certain topics or from specific places to be labeled and color-coded?

These are just a few of the many uses for filters.

There are several ways to do this, this is one example:

While in your email, find one in your inbox that represents the type of email you want to add a filter to. Open that email and you will see three vertical menu dots at the top, select the dots to show the pop-up menu. (see below image).

email search menu image

Select “Filter Messages Like These”

Fill in the appropriate section to designate what you are wanting to accomplish. If wanting an email from a specific place or topic to be forwarded, if it does not pre-populate, add the topic or email in the selection that is shown.

Select “create filter”

Select your options, such as “forward it to” and you can add your address and/or choose other options such as “apply a label” or if you want only new emails to follow this filter rule or if you want all past emails to be filtered this way as well. Once you have selected your options, select “Create Filter”.

You can always see filters you have set by going into your email settings and selecting “Filter and Blocked Addresses” on the top menu. You can edit or delete them from this section of your settings. You can actually create them from this menu as well, I just typically do that from my inbox.

Gmail Templates

Do you send the same (or similar) information in an email on a regular basis? Save time by using email templates.

These instructions are written for Gmail, as the email is a G-Suite (Business Email) account. However, if you are using a different email client, these tips should be available as well. Do an online search to see availability and instructions.

If you send the same or similar emails to people on a regular basis, using email templates will save you a lot of time. Even in the case where you want to add some personalization to the email. You can prepare a template email with the text you want to customize in red, so you can remember to customize it before sending it.


Log in to your Gmail ( account

Select the settings wheel icon

Select “Settings”

Select “Advanced”

Find “Templates” and Select “Enable”

Save Changes

Now you are ready to create your first template. Here are step-by-step instructions.

How to Create a 1 Page Image File from a 2 Page PDF


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