Twilio Texting


Twilio Texing


Twilio is a texting service that connects with KW Command. There is a small charge for this service, that said, it is a very low cost option that adds a huge benefit in getting the most out of Command, your end-to-end real estate platform.


There are no classes specifically on Twilio, however, the topic of texting with Twilio is often covered in classes about Command Settings and SmartPlans.


Instructions to Setup a Twilio Account

Steps to get a Twilio account and connect it to Command are below. I advise reading through all of the steps prior to starting. The steps will talk about the options you have for area codes, etc.

  • Check the pricing of Twilio here to determine if you are willing to pay the cost. If so, proceed to the next steps to get connected.
  • Log in to Command, and select your name at the top right and in the dropdown menu, select “Settings”, then scroll down to Twilio and select “Connect Account”. Walkthrough the setup steps.

The setup listed above will automatically give you a “512” area code. If you are ok with using a “512 area code instead of a local area code, then you are finished. If you would like a local area code and are ok with an additional cost, continue to the steps below.

  • Contact Twilio Support to change your number to a local area code (there will be an additional charge for this). Tell Twilio support that you have an account through KW Command and you want to upgrade to a local area code. If Twilio Support tells you that you cannot do this, call back and talk to another support representative, as they do have this option.
  • After the previous step above, you will need to contact Twilio support again to have them connect your new number (with the local area code) to your Command account. Again, if you get a Twilio Support representative that says this cannot be done, call back to talk to a different support representative.

When first using Twilio to send out texts:

1) Text yourself to test it

2) Identify yourself in the first text to your sphere as this being your “texting number” so they can identify the number with you.


How to Bulk Text Using Twilio

How to use Twilio with SmartPlans

See the SmartPlan section of Command Training for details.


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