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Website Pages


How to add pages to your KW Command website as well as additional ideas and instructions for content.

If you are needing information on the initial prep setup for your page, find that here. This page is more advanced content for those who have already completed the initial setup.


Please go to the calendar and verify dates and times for classes.

Images for Your Use

This link has images for your use and more will be added.

Image Sizes (for KW Website)

Image sizes for the Company Profile pages are:

Top Header Image: 2000 x 500 px

Content Section Images: 360 x 360 px


This page contains instructions for additional pages that are beyond the basic website setup. If you have not yet completed your basic setup, find the basic class on your calendar and/or go to this page to find the instructions you will need.

Scott Le Roy Marketing Options

Scott Le Roy Marketing provides free services to our DMN agents. Go to their site, log in with our MC number 92, and look at the options of pages they can add for you free of charge.

If you would like to request a custom page option, email them at


How to Add Additional Pages

Create the Page

See Image One below

1. Log into Command and select the ‘Sites’ App at the bottom of the left side of the page

2. Select “Agent Site Pages” on top menu

3. Select ‘Create a New Site’

4. Select ‘On My Agent Site’

5. Select ‘Create Page’

Image One

Image of steps 1 through 5

See Image Two below

6. Select the pencil icon on the top left of the page to give the page a name.

7. Drag the ‘Company Profile’ widget into the design box on the left, or whatever widget you are wanting to use. There are more widgets available, however, most of our customization is using this widget. Not all of the “content blocks” or “layout blocks” are working yet (as of July 2020).

8. Select ‘Configure Widgets’ at the bottom right corner. (If using a different widget other than the Company Profile widget, your options may be different)

Image Two

9. Add content to your widget(s). You can simply add basic, required information to each widget now or complete the entire widget at this time. If you are using more than one widget, you will need to use the arrows to move through all of the widget setup information saving each widget by selecting “save and apply” before moving to the next widget. (Note: if you need to go back to your site in the future to make changes, website pages are now edited in Command Designs). Once you add the required fields for all of the widgets you are using, proceed to the next step.

11. Select ‘Save Changes’ at the top right side of the page.

12. Select ‘Yes’ to make the page visible.

Connect Page to Your Website

1. Now that your page is created,  you need to connect it to your website which also adds the page to your menu.

2. Make sure you are still in the Consumer App, then select  ‘Site and App Settings’ at the top right of the page.

3. Select on the ‘Site Pages’ tab.

4. Select on ‘Add Page’ on the lower left-hand side and select the page name that you just created. If you do not see the page you just created, you may have to take some troubleshooting steps listed below.

5. Add your Page Title – this title will show up on your website menu.

6. Add a URL slug (note: the url slug should be short and descriptive of the page. It should have no spaces, use dashes to separate words, and all lower case. Examples would be “buyer-resources” or “keller-mortgage”, etc.)

7. Add SEO Description – just a sentence (or two at the most) describing what the page content is about. Stay on this page and go to the next section for instructions on how to connect this menu item with the page you created previously.

8. On the lower left side of this page, select “Save Page Changes”.

Editing a Website Page

1. Go to Command Designs applet

2. Select the Agent Site tab at the top and you will see your pages shown there. You can rename or delete the page by selecting on the 3 menu dots or you can select in the middle of the page in order to edit it.

3. Select on ‘Configure Widgets’ on the right side and you can add or change your desired information.

4. Select ‘Save and Apply’ at the bottom right to save each widget you edit,

5. Select ‘Save Changes’ at the top right to save the entire page content.

Visit your website to make sure it worked as you intended.

See the ideas below on types of content you may want to add.

Ideas for Content

YouTube Video

When “Configuring the Company Profile Widget and adding your content:

Go to the YouTube video you want to add and select “share” below the video.

Select on the “embed” option.

Copy the entire embed code

Paste the embed video code into a text box placeholder.

Add any other information you would like to on this page.

To delete a section, just remove the pre-typed text or photo and it will not be displayed.

Select “Save and Apply” at the bottom right.

Select “Save Changes” at the top right.

Visit your website to make sure it appears as you desired.

New Home Source Professional

If you have not yet created your New Home Source Professional account, go here to do so.

If you have already created your account, log in to your New Home Source account.

Select on the “Welcome” dropdown at the top right.

Select on Widgets.

Select on the iFrame option

Select “Center”

Copy the iFrame code listed in #3

Go back to Command and the place where you are configuring the Company Profile widget to add your own content.

Paste the New Home Source iFrame code in the desired text box.

Select “Save and Apply” at the bottom right.

Select “Save Changes” at the top right.

Visit your website to make sure it appears as you desired.


Choose which calendar to add. This is where you can get creative! By creating a new calendar, you could make one specifically for your open houses, upcoming events in the area, client appreciation events, etc.

In a Google calendar, click on the 3 dots to the right of the calendar name, and select “settings”.

Scroll down on the left side and select “integrate calendar”, then select “customize”

This page allows you to customize the look of the calendar for your website. You may have to adjust the size, not making it too large, so it fits properly on your page. 550 x 550 is recommended.

Once you have customized the calendar, highlight and copy the “embed code” at the top of the page.

Go back to Command and paste the embedded code into the “intro text” box

Add any additional information to the page or delete any sections by deleting pre-typed info and photo so it is not displayed.

Save and Apply at the bottom right

Save Changes at the top right.


Keller Mortgage with Mortgage Calculator

1. Go to and login or create an account.


2. Select KM Settings


3. Copy your personal KM Link and save it somewhere temporarily


4. Download/Copy the code you will need from this link

5. Edit the code you have copied to your computer replacing the text in red (add your link with your personal KM Link you copied in step three.

6. Download a header image (optional). If you would like to add a pre-made header image, you can go here and download the one you choose.

7. Create the Keller Mortgage page per the instructions above, being sure to name the page Keller Mortgage. Also, when configuring the Company Profile widget add Keller Mortgage into the top Headline field.

8. Save and apply on the bottom right of the page, then save changes on the top right of the page.

9. Say “yes” to make this visible.

10. Per the instructions above, create a menu item for this page and then connect the page and the menu item together. Keep in mind the topic for the page name, url, etc. is Keller Mortgage.

Add Content:

Back on Agent Site pages, find the Keller Mortgage page you just created and select to edit it.

Select on  “Configure Widgets” on the lower right side, then select “Company Profile”

Headline: Keller Mortgage

Intro Text: copy the code you have downloaded and edited and paste it into this section.

Header Image: you can update one that you downloaded earlier if you desire.

Section 1 Heading: leave blank

Section 1 Text: copy and paste the below information

<center>*Note, this calculator is just an estimate. Contact Keller Williams for full and accurate mortgage assessment.</center>

Section 1 Image: delete the image

Section 2 Heading: leave blank

Section 2 Text: leave blank

Section 2 image: delete the image

Footer Heading: leave blank or add whatever message you would like

Footer Text: leave blank or add whatever message you would like

Select “Save and Apply” at the bottom right of the page.

Select “Save Changes” at the top right of the page.

Select “yes” to make visible

Now you can go back and view your website and you should see your new Keller Mortgage page.

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